I forgot my ID & Password to log in to the online ordering site, how can I retrieve it?

For your security you need to contact us at 608-310-4300. You can also request online to get your credentials. We realize that many businesses have people who share login information. For security purposes, we don’t enable passwords to be emailed. (Note: The sharing of log in information on any website for your business is an unsound and pervious security practice. We encourage all employees at any business who need to log in to a website be assigned their own user ID and password and that it be kept confidential and secure.)

I need to change the name or address of my business, my phone number, or add another user to log in to my account. Where do I go to find this?

For your security you need to contact us at 608-310-4300.  You can also request a change to your business profile online. We realize it’s common for many retail stores to allow this information to be changed, but identity theft is rampant. For the security of your business, we don’t enable the structure of your business profile to be open for anyone except authorized EZ Office Products personnel.

How do I get a copy of my invoice?

That’s easy! Simply log into your account and print (or save to your computer) any invoice you want! Once in your account, navigate to your previous orders, click on the link for your order number and that will display your invoice. If you do not see orders displayed on your home page, contact us online and we’ll turn this important feature on for you.

Where do I send my payment?

2838 Progress Rd, Madison, WI 53716-3338

How do I open/setup an account for my business?

Call us at 608-310-4300 or contact us online and we will set you up with custom contract pricing and provide you access to our online ordering system. Payment terms are by check (Net 15/end of month) or by major credit card. With EZ Office Products…You Got It!

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