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Knowing how to create a virtual background for Zoom meetings and other video platforms can be a great skill to have if you’re not in the office.

5 Tips for Creating a Great Backdrop for Video Meetings

By admin | May 17, 2023
Plus, learn how to create a virtual background for Zoom meetings! There’s…
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Knowing how to be productive working from home can make a huge difference in your work day.

How to Be Productive Working from Home

By admin | Apr 19, 2023
Learn how to avoid distractions and do your best remote work. Working…
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These eco-friendly spring cleaning tips are easy to incorporate into your existing cleaning routine.

6 Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Workplace

By admin | Mar 16, 2023
Help the planet and your workspace this spring! Spring will soon be…
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These time management tips for work can help you prioritize your schedule and remove the busy work that's dragging your day down.

7 Time Management Tips for WorkMake the most of your workday with these helpful suggestions!

By admin | Feb 16, 2023
Time management is a crucial skill to have in any job, whether…
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We're proud to offer a variety of workstation furniture to Madison, Wisconsin, businesses.

4 Types of Workstation Furniture You Can Buy From our Madison, Wisconsin Store

By admin | Feb 10, 2023
EZ Office Products has everything you need for a comfortable, productive workstation.…
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When you purchase standing office desks in Madison, WI, from EZ Office Products, you'll get first-class service and help support a local business!

3 Perks of Buying Standing Office Desks in Madison, WI

By admin | Feb 10, 2023
Keep your dollars local and buy your team standing desks from a…
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When looking for paper suppliers in Madison, Wisconsin, make sure they have the variety of options your business needs.

3 Things to Look For From Paper Suppliers in Madison, Wisconsin

By admin | Feb 10, 2023
Learn how to find the best paper supplier for your organization. Finding…
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Giving a tour of your workspace is a great way to welcome new employees.

4 Easy Ways to Welcome New Employees to the OfficeMake your new hires feel at home with these tips!

By admin | Jan 19, 2023
You’ve gone through the interviews and have made an offer to the…
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EZ Office Products is the top choice for buying office furniture in Madison, Wisconsin.

3 Tips for Buying Office Furniture in Madison, WisconsinGet the inside scoop on how to find the best office furniture for your Madison, Wisconsin business.

By admin | Jan 9, 2023
If it’s time to upgrade your office furniture, you may have questions about…
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As one of the top printer suppliers in Madison, WI, EZ Office Products carries the top-of-the-line printers you're looking for.

4 Things to Look for from Printer Suppliers in Madison, WisconsinFind the best printer supplier for your organization.

By admin | Jan 9, 2023
You may have some questions if you’re looking for a new printer…
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