10 Signs You’re a Wisconsin Football Fanatic

When it comes to sports, football is the most popular amongst Wisconsinites. With both the Badgers and Packers seasons in full swing, you are probably eager for kick off each week. Show your support for the home team everywhere from the bumper of your car to the office. Here are some of the signs you might be a Wisconsin football fanatic.

1) On Sundays, You Wear a Cheesehead

Source: iamacheesehead.com

Although Bears fans created this term, it’s one that you’ve embraced. What other football fans can show their love for cheese?

2) Cornhusker is Your Least Favorite Word

While UW Madison and the University of Nebraska are not close in distance, their rivalry resurfaced in 2011 when the Cornhuskers joined the Big Ten. The Badgers have won five of their last six games against the Corn Huskers.

3) You Love Brett Favre

Even though he had a short stint with the Jets and Vikings, you will always remember Brett Favre as a Packer. While Aaron Rodgers has had a great career so far, you still miss Favre.

4) The Song “Jump Around” Reminds You of Badgers Game Day

Every time you hear this House of Pain hit, it reminds you of watching the student section inside Camp Randall Stadium going nuts before the fourth quarter.

5) You BRave the Elements

Source: flickr.com/photos/vistadome/

After October 31, a trip to the stadium will usually require you to bring a parka, hat, and gloves. The best games are played under the worst weather conditions.

6) You Always Watch the Fifth Quarter

You know to stay after every Badgers home game to catch the marching band’s spectacle. The other 44,999 fans know to stay too, rather than head for the exits.

7) You Own a Pair of These Overalls

Source: gamebibs.com

…and wear them along with your cheesehead.

8) You Have Terrace Chairs in Your Backyard

You have a few of these chairs in your backyard for summer barbecues and parties. The good news is you can buy them directly from the Terrace Store if you don’t have any yet!

9) You Know “On, Wisconsin” by Heart

You either know the lyrics to the UW fight song “On, Wisconsin” by heart or know how to play it on an instrument.

10) You’re a Packers Shareholder

The Packers have been publically owned since 1923 and are the only publically traded team in the entire NFL. If you are not one yet, you may have to wait a while, as the last sale was offered back in 2012, according to Broadridge Financial Solutions.