5 Benefits of Collaborative Office Spaces

Learn how this team-focused workplace style can help your company thrive.

One benefit of collaborative office spaces is that it encourages teamwork.

Collaborative office spaces include open areas that allow teams to share ideas while also providing space for focused work. This popular workplace style is gaining traction in both large and small office settings across the country because of its many positive benefits. If you are wondering whether collaborative office spaces are right for your business, consider these five reasons to make the change:

  1. Encourages teamwork
  2. Promotes new ideas and approaches to problem-solving
  3. Supports sharing of knowledge, skills and experience
  4. Helps ignite a community spirit
  5. Boosts productivity and workplace efficiency

Continue reading about each of these benefits of collaborative office spaces below.

1. Encourages teamwork

Collaborative office spaces make it easier for teams to interact directly with each other as they work toward a common goal. Asking questions, bouncing new ideas around and collectively building upon existing concepts all become integral parts of this pro-teamwork environment.

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2. Promotes new ideas and approaches to problem-solving

In collaborative office spaces, coworkers are more likely to share unique approaches to problem-solving that can help your business meet its goals. These open environments encourage your team to freely exchange ideas that could help unlock critical customer or operating solutions that have never surfaced before.

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3. Supports sharing of knowledge, skills, and experience

More interaction among coworkers in a collaborative office environment can naturally increase the sharing of knowledge, skills, and experience among team members with varying backgrounds and strengths. Whether intra- or cross-departmental, sharing through collaboration can help coworkers grow and learn from each other and boost the quality of work.

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4. Helps ignite a community spirit

A collaborative work environment can help employees feel more connected to their coworkers and your company’s mission. This sense of community and pride at work can lead to positive contributions to your organization’s efforts, and may also improve staff retention and engagement.

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5. Boosts productivity and workplace efficiency

A study by Harvard Business Review concluded that employees who work in open, collaborative spaces scored 6 out of 7 points on thriving in the workplace. When your employees are thriving and happy, they’re more likely to be productive and efficient throughout the day. Another study showed that collaborative office teams stayed on task 64% longer than their isolated counterparts.

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Many companies can benefit from collaborative office spaces that give employees the opportunity to interact, create, and flourish. Could yours be one of them? To get started on your new team-based office environment or learn more about the office products mentioned in this post, log in to shop. If you’re not yet a customer, call our local customer concierge to set up your business account at (608) 310-4300 today.

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