5 Business Sustainability Resolutions for 2021


Commit to these business sustainability resolutions in the New Year.

Whether you’ve been working toward sustainability in your organization for years or are just getting started, the new year is a great time to adopt environmentally friendly practices that are good for the earth and your operating efficiency.

From reducing waste to electronics recycling, here are five business sustainability resolutions you might consider in 2021:

  1. Waste less
  2. Shop smart
  3. E-cycle electronic waste
  4. Reduce energy use
  5. Clean green

Read on to learn more about these sustainability resolutions for your workplace to adopt in 2021.


Start with a waste audit. This process can help you understand the types of waste your business produces and how much, as well as identify ways to reduce office waste and create benchmarks for success. You might discover new ways to reduce packaging, repurpose items that would otherwise be thrown away, or update your recycling program.

During this time is also an excellent opportunity to examine your office supply cabinet, including what you purchase, how you use supplies, and how much is thrown away rather than recycled. Reusable envelopes cut costs and reduce waste, for example. You might be surprised how many items can be refilled instead of discarded, such as dry-erase markers, ballpoint pens, and correction tape. Even small changes can add up to a lot less trash over time.


Examine your supply chain and procurement process to discover areas where your company could be more eco-friendly. Shop around and set new guidelines for everything from reduced plastic packaging to items made from renewable materials.  

Switch to recycled envelopes made with post-consumer waste, stock your printer and copy machine with recycled paper, and store documents in recycled file folders.

Consider your kitchen and common areas, too. Look for post-consumer waste products when restocking napkins and beverage cups and try using disposable utensils made from plant starches and other renewable resources. If you’re looking for a safe way to contain your disposable utensils, shop cutlery dispensers on our website today.


Businesses are continually purchasing new and improved technology. These purchases are often necessary for security purposes and improved productivity, but there’s a right way to say good-bye to old equipment. Many electronics contain hazardous materials that can be dangerous if they get into our soil, water, and air.

Some vendors, including Dell and HP, offer buyback or recycling programs. You can also check with your local municipality or state natural resources department for advice on how to get rid of large quantities of e-waste safely.

E-cycling also includes the proper disposal of ink and toner cartridges. Many businesses have drop-off bins or offer free return shipping for empty cartridges. More importantly, EZ Office Products will pick up your ink and toner cartridges upon request!


Many companies are switching to clean, renewable energy sources and using technology to cut down on energy use. ENERGY STAR has advice for how everyone can work together to save energy—employees, executives, and building managers alike.

On an individual level, employees can power down computers and monitors when not in use and unplug electronics, such as laptops, tablets, and cell phones, once charged. Executives and building managers have the power to implement larger-scale changes, such as switching to renewable energy sources or implementing automatic controls to turn lights off when rooms are empty.


If your business contracts with an outside cleaning company, have a conversation about the products they use and evaluate whether they meet your environmental responsibility standards.

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EZ Office Products is committed to environmentally-friendly business practices and helping your organization achieve its sustainability goals. Browse our online catalog for hundreds of eco-friendly products or get in touch with one of our dedicated account representatives at (608) 310-4300 for help selecting the sustainable supplies that are right for your business.