Get Started With Creating An Eco-Friendly Office

How much of an environmental impact does your office leave? Going green not only saves the environment, but can also improve the perception of your business. A case study conducted by Triple Pundit showed that Honda’s sales improved by 28 percent after they were able to implement a green initiative for their vehicles. No matter what you sell, here are some tips on how to become an eco-friendly office.

It’s EZ Being Green

Order Green Office Products

Ordering eco-friendly office supplies is an easy first step in making your office greener. In our store, the recycling icon in the overview section on each product page identifies products made form recycled materials. Also, look at the product description to find out if what your looking for is free of dyes, fragrances or volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). Most eco-friendly products will feature this information on the label.

Think About Energy

A recent article from states that well lit rooms not only save energy, but also improve employee engagement and increase productivity. To reduce your energy use, think of how you can use the windows in your office to your advantage. Also, ensure that monitors and desktop systems are set to “sleep” mode when employees leave for the day. According to the EPA, this could save employers $75 per computer per year.

Reduce Office Waste & Recycle Wisely

Think about the amount of trash and recycling you produce everyday. Instead of offering plastic cups at each water cooler, consider offering employees their very own eco-friendly water bottle. This can be a great asset to include in welcome packs for new employees. If you find that your office uses a lot of paper, see if there are different programs or apps that can help reduce your office’s printing costs. For items still need to be printed out, look for eco-friendly recycled computer paper. If you’re not sure of how to recycle something, the Dane County Dept. of Public Works offers specific drop off locations for each type of item that can be recycled. If you’re interested in recycling your office supplies, batteries, ink and toner, or other products, you can contact us to learn more about our office recycling program.

Develop a Business Wide Eco-Culture

An eco-culture involves thinking about sustainability in all of your business practices. From how you get the lights on everyday, to how you save gas on delivery routes. To become eco-friendly, we’ve powered our office using 100 percent renewable sources, offer bike parking for those who want to bike to work, and created our own office garden (which others, like bunnies, enjoy as well). Here in Madison, we’re lucky to have Sustain Dane on our side to help businesses reduce their environmental impact. If you’re interested in becoming greener with your day-to-day operations, look into their MPower Business Champion program, which works with businesses for one year on cutting costs while creating a healthier and more engaged workplace. Here are some of our favorite eco-friendly products to help you get started:

Samsill Earth’s Choice Eco-friendly Binders


Swingline Stapler, Eco Version


Quality Park Eco-friendly Redi-Strip Cat Envelopes


Balt Eco-friendly Corkboard


Hammermill Recycled Copy Paper