How to Organize Your Office Supply Closet

Boost productivity with an organized office supply closet.

Find out how to organize your office supply closet here.

Realizing you’re low on office supplies can be a nuisance, but especially when you’re in a hurry. Imagine having to mail an important document, only to realize you’ve run out of envelopes! By keeping a well-organized, stocked office supply closet, you can minimize the day-to-day headaches from not having what you need to be efficient and productive. In this guide, we will cover how to organize your office supply closet. Boost productivity with these four simple steps:

  1. Take stock
  2. Use clear labels and bins to store items
  3. Check inventory regularly
  4. Create a restock schedule

Keep reading for specific advice on implementing these tips on how to organize your office supply closet.

Take stock

Making a list of all the supplies you need in your closet is a wise first step to getting organized. While important, think beyond the obvious things you use, such as paper, staples, and folders. Keep other items, like notepads, printer ink, and office breakroom supplies in mind when creating this list. You can also check in with your colleagues to catch any additional items they’d like available hausarbeit schreiben lassen preise. Ask which supplies they use extensively, as that can indicate what you should buy in bulk or need to order more frequently.

Use clear labels and bins to store items

If you don’t have a designated home for your office supplies, people will tend to leave them wherever it is more convenient for them bachelorarbeit schreiben lassen kosten. To keep your supplies organized, make an easily-accessible home for them and use clear storage bins to sort and contain office supplies. Adding labels to mark the bins can also encourage fellow staffers to take items and put them back in the correct place.

Check inventory regularly

Once you’ve initially organized your closet, schedule a weekly (or monthly) inventory check. This routine check can help you better understand your supply needs and ensure you don’t run out of stock ghostwriter masterarbeit. You may even be able to save some money on office supplies by not purchasing more than you need!

If you don’t have time to perform a routine inventory check, we offer it as a free service to our customers. We’ll make a note of your regularly used supplies, and then stop by your office routinely to take stock hausarbeit schreiben lassen. When you start to run low, we’ll send a purchase order for you to authorize any items that need a refill. We’ll even come to your office and restock your closet for you by the next business day.

Create a restock schedule

It often makes more sense to do one larger office supply order, buying items in bulk as needed. Bulk purchasing can save you time and money by reducing the frequency and cost of purchases. To begin, choose a set restocking schedule and make sure all employees are aware of reordering dates bachelorarbeit schreiben lassen. You can even set up a whiteboard or digital notepad, so your colleagues can add items they need during the next restock.

These tips on how to organize your office supply closet can help you boost productivity and efficiency. Continue to our office productivity and sustainability blog for more advice and tips.

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