5 Reasons to Buy Office Supplies Locally

Learn where to buy office supplies for the best return on your investment.

Discover these reasons to buy office supplies locally here.

You’ve heard the sentiment “buy local,” but it’s an idea that quickly gets shuffled aside. While our intentions may be good, busy lives and schedules make it far easier to prioritize convenience over supporting local businesses. But by buying office supplies and other products and services locally, you can truly get the best return on your investment. Here’s why:

  1. Boost the local economy
  2. Support local jobs
  3. Keep Madison desirable
  4. Get more value
  5. Protect and preserve the environment

Learn more about these reasons to buy office supplies locally below.

Boost the local economy

When you choose to buy local, you’re doing your part to help boost the economy right here in the Madison area. Every dollar spent at an independent business returns three times more money to our community than one dollar spent at a chain. In contrast, buying online creates almost no local benefit – just a few minutes of work for a delivery person. This multiplier effect means that your company has the power to make Madison an even better place to live and work. No matter what it is, from operational essentials to professional services, buy local. And when deciding where to buy office supplies, consider your local area vendors first.

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Support local jobs

By providing steady business to local vendors, you’re also ensuring that jobs stay in the Madison area. These jobs are often diverse in skill requirements, too. Local companies hire positions for everything from accountants, graphic designers, customer support representatives, and other roles that chains and online giants like Amazon often centralize at corporate headquarters.

When companies buy their office supplies locally with us, it allows us to hire and retain an incredible local team comprised of your neighbors and friends. By doing our part to build a healthy job market in the Madison community, we know that we’re helping our community prosper.

Keep Madison desirable Find out where to buy office supplies to get the best return on your investment here.

It’s heart-wrenching whenever a “for lease” sign appears on the door of an otherwise viable local business just because not enough of us gave them the time of day. Madison is a unique city that should be celebrated with companies that add local flair – not function solely as a melting pot for big chain stores. When you choose to buy your office supplies and other services locally, it’s like voting to keep our city desirable for residents and visitors. You’re investing in local entrepreneurs and creative business pursuits that give the area its appeal. These one-of-a-kind businesses are an integral part of what makes our community thrive.

Get more value

There are many benefits to choosing a local office supplies vendor over a national retailer. Firstly, a local company like ours often gives you access to discounts or special pricing based on your company’s size and buying habits. You can learn more about ways to save money on office supplies on our blog. We can also source a broader range of product choices to save your team time and headaches. But those aren’t the only ways that buying locally delivers value. Local companies often have better customer service, offer beneficial incentives and loyalty programs, and work harder to provide value-added benefits (like our free and low-cost recycling services).

Learn more about the benefits of working with EZOP here.

Protect and preserve the environment

Buying your office supplies – or anything – from local businesses typically requires lower transportation costs, consumes less land, and produces a lighter environmental impact. Local companies tend to situate their brick-and-mortar shops centrally so that their customers can access them by foot or a short car commute. And local businesses like ours are also people-sized, meaning they generate less air pollution and waste than the typical chain store that mass produces goods. But we even take it one step further. By powering our company on 100% wind power, we’re not using any natural resources to fuel our operation. Investing your office supply dollars with us is a win for you, a win for us, but most important – it’s a win for Mother Earth.

These reasons to buy office supplies locally illustrate how you can get the best return on your investment. By supporting local businesses in the Madison community, you can help make a difference for today and tomorrow.

Check out our office productivity and sustainability blog for more helpful tips for the workplace. To learn more about the buy local movement, read our piece on The Cap Times website now.

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