5 Reasons to Embrace Productivity Improvement

Get motivated to be more productive with these personal and career-boosting benefits.

Embracing productivity improvement can help you feel happier.

Productivity in the workplace has always been critical to a company’s success. When employees are working smartly to accomplish tasks and meet goals, there is a direct and inherent impact on the bottom line. While being productive is good for business, it can often come with quite a few personal rewards too. If you’ve fallen into a rut at work, we are here to provide you with inspiring reasons to embrace productivity improvement!

Here are our favorite personal motivators to be productive, you may:

  1. Feel happier
  2. Have more time
  3. Have more energy
  4. Improve your health
  5. Earn recognition – or a raise

Read more about these benefits of improving productivity below.

Feel happier

A LinkedIn article points to studies showing that some of the happiest people in the world are also the most productive. It makes sense if you think about it. Doesn’t it feel good to check tasks off your to-do list – especially the ones you worked incredibly hard to complete? Of course, it does! But, the link between happiness and productivity doesn’t stop there. Experts found that working toward a goal and creating a sense of purpose are other happiness-boosting side effects of being productive.

Have more time

It’s been said before, productivity isn’t about working harder; it’s about working smarter. A central component to accomplishing this goal is to manage your time wisely, so you’re not spinning your wheels every moment of the day. Following smart, time-saving productivity principles like the Only Handle It Once (OHIO) rule and scheduled interruptions can help ensure you’re accomplishing what you need to in less time.

Have more energy

We’ve all had those energy-draining, give-it-your-all days that ended in collapse. Adopting simple strategies that help you get things done – without burning out – is the holy grail of productivity improvement. Try using the “First 90-Minute” rule, where you focus on intensive tasks during the first 90 minutes of your workday when your energy is at its peak. Or, do the “worst” tasks first when you’re fresh. Tips like these can help step up your workplace performance without draining your energy reserves. Once you have your tools in place, you’ll likely find that you have more mental and physical energy for family, friends, hobbies, and other interests.

Improve your health

When your productivity efforts have you feeling happier, less crunched for time, and more energetic, stress levels are sure to plummet. As research indicates, too much work stress is responsible for increasing the risk of panic attacks, headaches, high cholesterol, and other detrimental health concerns. Making a move to be more productive is not only good for business, but it just might be good for your health, too!

Earn recognition – or a raise

Our final reason to embrace productivity improvement is directly related to the opportunity for recognition or, better yet, a raise. When you master the art of productivity at work, it will likely catch the attention of superiors who can help you move up the ladder. Committing to a productive mindset at work has the potential to open doors and advance your career – a win-win.

To discover more about how to improve workplace productivity and learn about the importance of sleep for a productive workday, head to our blog.

We hope these reasons to embrace productivity improvement have inspired you to work smart – and enjoy yourself while you’re at it.

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