3 Ways Recycling in the Workplace Can Be Good for Business

Discover financial and other valuable impacts of greening up your office.

Recycling in the workplace may lead to increased employee morale.

November 15th was America Recycles Day and the occasion has spurred thousands of events across the country that educate and motivate people to recycle more. Whether it’s at home or work, any recycling effort helps cut back on landfill-bound trash, preserves natural resources, and gives commonly used materials a new life. If your desire to protect the environment is motivating you to adopt a recycling program at work, you may be surprised to learn of other valuable impacts that may be equally appealing. Following are a few surprising ways that office recycling can be good for business:

  1. Lower trash collection fees
  2. Increased employee morale
  3. Enhanced company image

Continue reading below to learn more about the changes you may notice when recycling in the workplace:

  1. Lower trash collection fees

An office recycling program can help your company generate less dumpster waste, which can lower your trash collection costs. To get an exact cost-savings estimate, contact your waste management provider to help you compare recycling and trash fees. Another way to save money on refuse – and lower your carbon footprint at the same time – is to take advantage of our free and low-cost office supply recycling services. From batteries and Styrofoam cups to toner and white office paper, we’ll pick up your office recyclables whether you’re our customer or not.

Read our Recycling Office Supplies 101 article to learn what can and cannot be recycled or contact us for help recycling at your workplace.

  1. Increased employee morale

With a measurable shift in the value placed on sustainability efforts over the past decade, many people because it aligns with their ideals. In fact, research suggests that many employees value sustainability over profitability when looking for an employer. Making simple moves toward a greener office, like establishing a workplace recycling program that’s easy to follow, can help you feel happier – and more productive – at work.

Find out in other ways here.

  1. Enhanced company image

Just as employees are attracted to an eco-friendly office, engaging in workplace recycling can also enhance your company image among current and potential customers who care about protecting the environment. Promote your green efforts in marketing materials and mention it on sales calls to give your company a competitive edge.

There’s no doubt about it: recycling in the workplace is good for the environment, and it can be good for business too. When you launch your office recycling program, take a moment to notice these and other valuable impacts resulting from your efforts – and pass them on to other companies who haven’t yet gone green.

Interested in recycled office supplies? Shop our eco-friendly products online today. If you’re not yet a customer, call our local customer service representatives at (608) 310-4300 or fill out the form on this page to activate your business account.

If you’d like to join thousands of people in taking the pledge to learn more about recycling in your community, commit to recycling more, and encourage others to do the same, take the America Recycles Day pledge here.