5 Tips for Improving the Company Culture at Your Organization

Celebrate Global Company Culture Month by putting these tips to work!

As a business owner or manager, you know that success comes from having a winning team. However, hiring great employees is only the first step in building a successful business. You want to create a work environment where employees feel valued, respected, and supported. And when that happens, your team is more likely to see a future for themselves at your organization, reducing employee turnover.

The benefits of a supportive work culture extend far beyond happy employees. Companies with high staff satisfaction enjoy better productivity, enhanced customer service, and increased profitability.

In honor of September being Global Company Culture Month, we’re sharing tips for creating a work culture that will reduce employee turnover and drive success.

If you’re looking to improve the culture at your organization, try one of these tips out!

  1. Celebrate wins
  2. Offer schedule flexibility
  3. Promote transparency
  4. Encourage feedback & communication
  5. Foster training & career development

Read on to learn more about these tips that you can put to work this Global Company Culture Month!

Celebrate wins

As a leader, it is essential to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of your team. Whether hitting a sales goal, completing an important project, or simply recognizing individual effort, celebrating successes helps employees feel valued and motivates them to continue working hard. Recognizing and rewarding employee achievements can be as simple as a verbal “thank you” or as elaborate as a celebratory meal, party, or group outing to a sporting event. Whatever you do, be sure to recognize your team’s hard work and accomplishments!

Offer schedule flexibility

The modern workforce values flexibility and work-life balance. Allowing employees to have some flexibility in their schedule shows that you value their time and recognize that life happens. Whether it is accommodating a child’s school schedule, allowing for a long lunch break to run errands, or permitting some remote work, flexibility can be a powerful motivator for employees to stay with your company.

Promote transparency

There’s no way around it: employees appreciate transparency. When they know what is happening in the company, what the priorities are, and how they fit into the company’s overall goals, they feel more engaged and committed. Take the time to communicate regularly with your staff about company updates and changes, and be transparent with how the company is performing. Regularly share metrics and data, as well as good news and bad news. When employees feel as if they are part of the company’s success, they are more likely to stick with the company for the long haul.

Encourage feedback & communication

Encourage ongoing communication between employees and managers, and provide channels for employees to give feedback, offer suggestions, and discuss concerns. Actively respond to feedback and take appropriate action to address employee concerns. Communication also goes beyond formal channels. Encourage informal interactions and team-building activities to foster collaboration and build stronger relationships among your staff. Happy staff is more likely to stay with a company! When feedback and communication are a part of your company culture, you’ll see results beyond September’s Global Company Culture Month.

Foster training & career development

Your team wants to grow and develop their skills — build up a culture that encourages that! Providing opportunities for training and career development shows employees that you want them to succeed and that you value their contribution to the company. Offer formal training programs, mentorship opportunities, and promotional paths within the company. When employees see a clear path for their future with your company, they are more likely to stay and invest in your success.

A supportive work culture is essential to keep employees engaged, motivated, and committed to the success of your company. Remember, it does not take a big investment of time or money to make your company a more supportive work environment. This Global Company Culture Month, start by implementing some of these tips and watch your company culture transform!

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