6 Tips to Save Money on Office Supplies

Earn a gold star from your boss with these money-saving office supply-buying tips.

Discover these tips to save money on office supplies in the workplace.

Many businesses forget to budget for the everyday necessities of the workplace, like office supplies. Things like paper, toner, and break room essentials are an essential part of the workday and can become costly if you’re not careful. These tips to save money on office supplies can help you stay on budget and maximize productivity in the office:

  1. Choose a single vendor
  2. Buy in bulk
  3. Look for specials and discounts
  4. Investigate loyalty programs
  5. Plan ahead
  6. Go for sustainability

Keep reading to learn more about each of these money-saving tips on office supplies.

Choose a single vendor

When you limit purchases to a single vendor for your entire business or organization, you can help improve order efficiency and may even save up to 80% off items you’re buying. Instead of allowing employees to make individual purchases at any time, you can consolidate this spending into one supplier who can combine them into a large, money-saving order.

Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk is a solid strategy for any purchase, including office supplies. Take note of your office inventory and see which items are used most frequently. Purchasing a larger quantity of these items at once can save you money and time by limiting the number of purchases or trips you need to make in a month.

Look for specials and discounts

Our next tip for saving money on office supplies has to do with seasonal discounts and specials. Look to vendors that offer these timely deals. The money you save can be reallocated to other workplace supplies or programs. If you choose a long-term office supplies partner like EZ Office Products, you can also negotiate a business discount or pricing contract that fits your business needs.

Investigate loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are often an overlooked aspect of doing business with customer-centric suppliers. Ask whether your vendor offers a loyalty program that will allow you to earn points or receive rewards for ordering with them. These programs can save money over time as you earn points or rewards with every transaction.

Plan ahead

Don’t wait until you have already run out of supplies before reordering. Plan for outages and order in advance so that you aren’t forced to overspend on hefty quick-shipping fees to quickly stock an item. Or, choose a supplier that offers everyday fast shipping – not only to your door but unpacked and restocked in your supply closet. (Yes, we do that.)

Go for sustainability

Sustainable business practices like reducing waste and reusing supplies when you can helps to save money on future office supply expenses. By eliminating the excessive use of materials like paper and printer ink, you can further cut down on costs.

Make your office more efficient and productive with these tips to streamline office supply expenses.

These budget-friendly tips to help you save on office supplies can not only help you earn kudos from your boss, but also give you the satisfaction of doing your part to increase your office’s productivity and profitability. Gold star for you!

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