5 Ways to Connect with Customers

Find and connect with new customers using these tips.

Our favorite way to connect with customers is by providing them with friendly, face to face communication like the kind our delivery service representatives provide.The question of how to attract and retain customers is one that has challenged companies for years, but even more so in our increasingly digital and online world. These ways to connect with customers can help you establish relationships with prospects while strengthening the ones you already have with current clients:

  1. Incentives & referral programs
  2. Invest in your website
  3. Face to face communication
  4. Utilize social media
  5. Be visible in your community

Read on to learn more about these useful ways to connect with customers.


Incentives & referral programs

Creating a referral program is a terrific way to use existing customers to draw in others who might be considering using your services or products. A discount will keep your current customers loyal while also offering an incentive for them to help in sending other business your way. Truly a win-win for everyone!


Invest in your website

There are few things worse than visiting a company’s website to learn more about them, and it’s clear the design and layout are from a previous century. You don’t need to be a tech wizard to punch up your website though!

Reach out to your website’s current host and inquire about a little “facelift” for your digital footprint. If you want to go the extra mile, consider investing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which means increasing your website’s visibility when people use search engines to learn more about companies or products related to your business.

On that note, make sure your company’s contact information, address, and hours of operation are all updated and corrected on Google Business, so when potential customers look for your business, they have all the accurate information they need to reach out.


Face to face communication

Because so much of our business these past few years has been conducted over email and video meetings, it’s important to go the extra mile when engaging in person. Reaching out to schedule the occasional in-person check-in meeting over coffee or lunch will go a long way toward making a customer feel valued. You can also take the opportunity to highlight your referral program (see our firs tip) and encourage them to tell others about your business.


Utilize social media

You can use social media to highlight and promote your business while also engaging with other companies in your industry and customers as well. Complete, active social media profiles provide a place for both current and prospective customers to come to ask questions and learn more about your business. If you’re new to the world of social media and need some tips on engaging with customers online, check out this blog post.

Having a robust digital presence (including a current, easy-to-navigate website) combined with face-to-face communication is a winning combination for attracting new customers.


Be visible in your community

Find out about any events going on in your community, such as a festival or a race raising money for a charity, and inquire about becoming a sponsor, volunteering, or setting up a table. People will be eager to work with a local company that they know is giving back to the community where they live and work.


It can be difficult to navigate the rapidly changing work landscape and we’re happy to help prepare your business for whatever the future holds! Contact the EZOP team with any questions about these ways to connect with new customers, or log in or request an online account to browse our store.