“I need to make a stamp for my signature. Which one should I buy?”

Choosing which custom stamp to use for a signature stamp is one of the most popular and frequently asked questions we receive. It’s really not complicated and штани мілітарі the answer for your choice is very simple once you ask yourself (or consider) the following two questions:

1. Will I be using my signature to stamp multiple documents rapidly and repetitively?

You may have a stack of payroll checks that require your signature and you will be stamping your signature repetitively, one right after another in rapid repetition  плитоноска купить. When repetitive use of a signature stamp is needed, you are best served to use a stamp model that is self-inking (versus the alternative of pre-inked).

2. Will my signature stamp also include artwork?

Along with your signature, you may choose to design and include artwork, like a logo, an icon, or other graphic. When your signature stamp is going to include artwork graphics, like a logo for example куртка койот, EZ Office Products recommends using a pre-inked model (versus the alternative of self-inking). The most common signature stamp has a width of approximately three inches wide (3″ Wide).


To create a crisp, clean impression for your signature stamp:

  1. Paper: Use a clean, blank, white sheet of paper
  2. Pen: Always use a black fine or medium point
    1. Do not use a black “gel” pen because, while you may not notice, it bleeds into the fiber of your paper
    2. For the best and most crisp impression військова форма жіноча, it is in your best interest and preferable to use a black felt tip porous fine or medium point pen. There are several that work well. Examples of this type of pen in various brands would be:
      1. BIC Intensity Fine Point, Black, BIC FPIN11BK
      2. Paper Mate Medium Point Flair Pen, Black, PAP 8430152
      3. Paper Mate Medium Point Liquid Expresso Porous Pen, Black, PAP 21001BH
      4. Pentel Bold Signature Pen, Black, PEN S520A
      5. Pilot Fineliner Marker, Black, PIL 11002
      6. Pilot BraVo! Marker Pen, Black, PIL 11034

If you do not have a felt tip (porous tip) pen, a black medium point ballpoint pen will usually work – just be sure to press a little harder than you normally do when writing your signature Signing: Now that you have your paper and the right pen, sign your name as you would naturally. EZ Office Products will be able to use your quality impression on any stamp size that will be needed убакс. If you are not uploading your signed graphic to our stamp store, just sign on your blank white sheet of paper three times (top, middle, bottom), scan the paper as a PDF using a resolution of at least 300 dpi and email to us. We will send you a proof.

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