You are charged with buying Packaging Tape, the pressure sensitive tape most commonly used to seal boxes for shipping. Packaging Tape is often called Packing Tape. Some people refer to Packaging Tape as Sealing Tape. Box Tape or Shipping Tape are other keywords used to find Packaging Tape.

That’s pretty simple to figure out with a little keyword searching, but you have to wonder why manufacturers of Packaging Tape don’t standardize on the way in which the width and length is expressed.

Sometimes width is displayed as a fraction, other times it’s a decimal. Sometimes length is shown with the number of feet on the roll, other times it reads yards. It can be frustrating to figure out which roll of packaging tape is the best value for your needs.

EZ Office Products offers over 200 different packaging tape options. Since we can’t control how the manufacturer chooses to display the width and length of their roll, we want to share a couple of tips and also send you to a super EZ conversion chart we found at

Packaging Tape Tips


  • The width of the most common Packaging Tapes is 2″ wide. This is a good width to use if the box your shipping box is no more than 24″ wide
    • The next most common is 3″ wide
    • You can also buy Packaging Tape in widths of 1″, 4″, 5″, 6″ and many in between
  •  Packaging Tape expressed in widths of 1.87″, 1.88″ or 1.89″ or so close to a 2″ wide roll they are essentially interchangeable


  • The length of the most common Packaging Tapes is 36 yards long, or 108 feet (108′)
    • 1 Yard = 3 Feet

packaging tape Length Conversion Chart

If you are trying to compare specific Packaging Tape items but the width or length is expressed differently, launch this quick conversion chart we found for you.