Learn more about maintenance for your office paper shredder here.

If you have small volumes of paper to shred and do not need certification for FACTA or HIPAA then a paper shredder is probably the best shredding solution for you.

Three things that are important to keep in mind when buying a paper shredder are:

  1. Only use cross-cut or confetti shredders. Strip shred paper is easily re-assembled. All confetti cut shredders should have their cutters oiled once a month to maintain maximum cutting capacity.
  2. Buy the biggest shredder your budget will allow. Cheap shredders are just that and will need to be replaced in a couple of months.
  3. All paper shredders need to be oiled because paper dust builds up inside the cutting assembly. As a guide, oil your cross-cut shredder every 1/2 hour of shredding time.

If you find that your shredding process is taking up too much of your employees valuable time, consider Shred-it Madison. They provide paper shredding services across Wisconsin and Illinois including: Madison, Beloit, Dubuque, Janesville, Beaver Dam and everywhere in between. Shred-it is NAID certified and compliant with all existing privacy laws including the HIPPA and FACTA disposal requirements.

Use only Shredder Oil to oil your paper shredder because it is specifically designed to lubricate precision heat treated shredder cylinders. (Don’t use WD-40, etc.)

EZ Office Products suggested Paper Shredder Oil Options:

  • HSM 315 (Gallon): Brand: HSM мультитул. Convenient gallon size paper shredder oil provides ample supply for high-security shredding applications with auto fill feature.
  • FEL 35250 (12 Oz): Brand: Fellowes. Paper shredder oil in plastic squeeze bottle with extended nozzle to ensure complete coverage.
  • SWI 1760049 (16 Oz): Brand: Swingline купить кастрюлю. Specially formulated synthetic oil keeps shredders running at maximum capacity. Environmentally friendly nonaerosol dispenser.
  • GOE GLS24I (24-pack): Brand: GoECOlife набор кастрюль. Carbon-free Shredder Lubricant Sheets, Meets rigorous standards of the CarbonFree Product Certification Program.

How To Oil Your Paper Shredder:

  • Spread small amount of shredder oil over an entire piece плед купить of paper in zig-zag motion (no need to soak, just cover)
  • Feed sheet through shredder and operate in reverse mode for a few seconds making sure oil is dispersed throughout the cutting cylinders
  • Shred a few sheets of paper to remove excess oil
  • To ensure thorough oiling постільна білизна, repeat above steps three times
  • Oil regularly
    • For less than 50 sheets per week, or if you use a small shredder, oil every other day
    • For large quantities, oil after 30 minutes of use or every time you empty the bag