Postage Saving Envelopes

The envelopes you choose can save you money in postage costs based on the USPS Shape-Based Rate Structure. Shape-based Mail rates rely not only on the weight, but also on the size and shape of items to be mailed. Up to 3.5 oz total weight, not to exceed 1/4” thick nor 61/8“ x 111/2”, may still be considered “standard mail” and may not be subject to as great an increase in postage as larger size envelopes or ‘flats’

Postage costs can be greatly reduced by changing from a flat mailer to Quality Park’s Postage Saving mail size envelopes, which can still be classified at the less expensive letter rate. Quality Park’s Postage Saving envelopes are specifically designed to perform while holding extra copies and weight. They feature heavy weight sub 28 paper and a large flap with extra adhesive for a secure mailing experience

Follow these tips and use the Quality Park or our Business Source envelopes below to help you save money on postage:

1. Downsize your mail.

For flat mailing weighing 3.5 ounces or less, your business can save by folding the contents to fit booklet envelopes.

2. Use a #6 5/8 envelope (dimensions 6″ x 9-1/2″) or a #10 1/2 envelope (dimensions 4-1/2 x 9-1/2″).

3. Use ClearClasp™ envelopes that feature Resealable Redi-Tac technology on the closure to save on postage.

Unique resealable closure replaces the metal of the standard envelopes. Eliminates the additional USPS handling charge required for metal clasp envelopes. Easy to use and last longer than traditional metal clasps.