11 Tips to Spring Clean Your Office

Spring Cleaning doesn’t have to be tough. Follow our tips to make cleaning your office EZ.

Spring cleaning is a task that we all dread. Taking time out of your hectic workday to clean might not seem productive; however, a recent study finds that a clean office can increase productivity by at least five percent. Follow our tips to give your office some TLC and to keep your employees healthy this spring.

Create A Checklist & Calendar Reminder

Assemble a checklist of what has to be cleaned within your office. Give yourself a few hours and set a reminder on your phone of when you will start. Schedule it on a day where you know you will not be busy or distract others from important projects.

Stop, Collaborate, & Listen

For common spaces like your breakroom, gather your co-workers to help. Divide the room into sections and have each person do something different. While one person handles cleaning the sink and counters, someone else can clean the trash bins. Who you assign to clean the fridge is up to you.

Wipe Down All Surfaces

You might do this to prevent the flu from spreading through your office, but it’s an important first step when you spring into clean. Wipe down any surface you come into contact with, such as door handles, your keyboard, and your workstation’s surface just to name a few.

Declutter Your Drawers

Chances are you have that one drawer that is filled with random pens and other office supplies. Organize your drawers one at a time and separate the items you plan to keep, while discarding any items you do not need.

Out With the Old, in With the New!

If you have finished filing your taxes for the year, look through any old financial records and determine what you don’t need. According to the IRS, most tax records can be shredded after three years. Also, sort through any file folders and remove any unnecessary documents.

Only Keep Frequently Used Items on Your Desk

Items that you use on a regular basis should be kept at an arm’s length. Any other items that you do not use should be put away and only taken out as needed.

Don’t Forget About Screens & Vents

Start cleaning your screens by grabbing a water-soaked sponge. Rub the sponge across the screen, and then use paper towels to dry it. Use a duster to get rid of any excess dirt or grime that may have built up.

Your air filters should be replaced approximately every 12 weeks. Make sure to check your filters before pollen season strikes. Any dirty filter should be replaced to avoid allergens from spreading through your office.

Evaluate Your Waste

A green office is a happy office! Now is a good time to evaluate what your business can do to be more eco-friendly. Remember, we can help you recycle computer equipment, ink cartridges, office furniture, office supplies, and more. Dane County also offers a guide on what can and cannot be recycled.

Get Crumbs out of Your Keyboard

On those hectic workdays, you might need to eat lunch at your desk over your keyboard. Grab a can of compressed air and spray your keyboard. For any caked in stains, try using the brush attachment on a larger vacuum. Make sure your computer is shut off before using the brush.

Control Your Cords & Cables

Do you have a clutter of cables beneath your workstation? Grab a bread clip and write down the electronic device that each cord belongs to. This is better than tugging at cords and guessing which one needs to be unplugged. 

See What Supplies you Need

While you are digging out your drawers, and cleaning out cabinets, determine what supplies you might need. In addition to cleaning products, write down any other supplies that you may notice you are short on.