Standing & Adjustable Height Workstations

Trying to be healthy in the office can be challenging sometimes. You might have recently heard about some of the dangers of sitting at your desk. Standing workstations are one of our favorite office furniture items because they encourage healthy lifestyles in the office and can be adjusted based on one’s height.

Why Choose a Standing & Adjustable Height Workstation?

Standing and adjustable height workstations are not just a fad. They are proven to boost mental and physical health around the office. Fast Company highlighted a study about standing workstations and found these benefits:

  • Mood: Participants felt happier and less confused.
  • Energy: Employees felt less fatigued and more focused.
  • Cholesterol: Standing desks increased HDL (good) cholesterol.
  • Weight Loss:  Participants lost anywhere from three to seven pounds.

Below are a few standing workstations we have in stock right now.

Kantek Sit/Stand Mobile Workstation

Item #: KTKSTS240

This compact workstation features an LCD mount for monitors up to 27 inches, and shelves to accommodate your computer tower and printer. It also features adjustable height so you can easily transition from sitting to standing.

Safco Adjustable Mini-Tower Workstation

Item #: SAF1927MO

This is a heavy-duty, height-adjustable workstation made from powder-coated steel frame. Snap-on side panels are also available to hide computer cables.

Balt Alekto-3 Totally Adjustable Workstation

Item #: BLT42551

This workstation from Balt Alekto features an interchangeable computer tower holder and pull-out mouse tray. The top shelf can adjust in height from 27 inches to 52 inches in two-inch increments.

Ergotron WorkFit-D, Sit-Stand Desk

Item #: ERG24271928

Easily adjust from sitting to standing with this secure workstation. It can hold multiple displays, and has four leveling glides to offer firm footing on uneven floors.

RightAngle Ergonomic Height Adjustable Desk

Item #: RAANXTG246060BH

This L-shaped workstation offers push-button control for effortless height adjustment. The base is available in black or silver, and customized sizes are available.