5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Workspace in 2022

Boost your productivity with a few office improvements.

You can use these ways to upgrade your workspace at home or in the office.

Whether you’re working from home or in the office, it’s essential to keep your workspace feeling fresh and comfortable so you can feel focused. With 2022 on the horizon, now is the perfect time to give the space you spend so much of your day in a much-needed boost.

Here are some easy ways to upgrade your workspace for the coming year:

  1. Improve your lighting
  2. Rearrange your space
  3. Get a chair that works for you
  4. Optimize your wall space
  5. Add some wellness to your day

Keep reading to learn more about these ways to upgrade your workspace in 2022!

Improve your lighting

Most offices have harsh fluorescent overhead lights or, if working from home, not enough lighting at all. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way! Add a desk lamp or standing lamp to add warmth and glow to your workspace.

If your home office lacks exposure to sunlight, an overhead light may be a necessity. Consider adding a dimmer switch — it’s an easy way to give you the flexibility to choose your brightness depending on the time of day or task you’re working on. It’s an easy DIY project, and there are plenty of great tutorials online to help guide you through the process. Sometimes, all a workspace needs is a small tabletop lamp to improve the lighting and overall feel.

Rearrange your space

Change your view, change your perspective. If you have a home office, freshen it up by shifting your furniture. Move your desk so you face a window, or create a little reading nook for reviewing expense reports. Even if you just have a desk as your workspace, try moving your laptop and other desk accessories to liven things up.

You’ll be a bit more limited to what you can move around in your cubicle or office. Try rearranging the items on your desk or walls to give yourself a change of scenery!

Get a chair that works for you

Investing in a chair that you love sitting in is absolutely worth the investment. You’re likely spending roughly a third of your day in that chair, so you want to do your research and find the perfect fit (and ask your manager to purchase one, if needed). Perhaps a chair isn’t in the budget for you or your organization at the moment — that’s ok! Pillows, supports, and footrests can be used at home and in the office to create a comfortable and ergonomic situation to keep you feeling your best while working.

Optimize your wall space

Hang things on the wall that bring you joy, such as photos of your kids and pets or interesting artwork that speaks to you. You spend so much of your workday staring at your computer screen; it’s nice to look at something calming when you take a break. You can also maximize your wall space — and your organization — by adding a whiteboard for idea sketching or a wall calendar for staying on top of tasks.

Ideally, your workspace should have a mix of both items that bring you joy and can help you stay on top of your to-do list. Consider buying a specialized product like this voice message log book to make sure you’re staying organized and in touch with your colleagues and customers!

Add some wellness to your day

One of the perks of working from home is that you’re no longer commuting to and from the office. On the flip side, many employees report that without a commute, there is little separation between work and non-work hours. The daily commute, while tedious, served an important purpose — to mark the beginning and end of the workday.

A yoga mat for some light stretching can be a great way to gear up for the day ahead or wind down from a long day “at” the office. And this doesn’t have to be a tip solely for remote workers, either — if you have an office with a door, don’t be afraid to close it and do a bit of stretching throughout the day!

Here are some stretches to invigorate your day and calm the mind and the body at the end of the day.

Everyone’s needs are unique, so think about what could make your workspace at home or the office more conducive to quality work and modify your space as needed. To browse our selection of products to upgrade your workday, log in to our online store or request an account today!