5 Sustainable Office Supplies Swaps

Create a more sustainable workspace with these eco-friendly office products.

Swap out your current products for these sustainable office supplies.

Sustainability and being eco-friendly are trends that we at EZ Office Products are thrilled to see become part of everyday life at home and at work. We’re always excited to help our customers find simple, cost-effective ways they can take care of the planet while restocking their office space!

Here are some easy eco-friendly office supply swaps to consider implementing in your office:

  1. Recyclable and compostable products
  2. Refillable writing utensils
  3. Buy in Bulk
  4. Cleaning Products
  5. Smart Power Strips

Recyclable and compostable products

In a perfect world, your office kitchen would have a pristine set of dishes, a great dishwasher to match, and an employee with the time to put all those dishes away. In reality, not many offices have those luxuries. Using recyclable and compostable plates, utensils, and cups is an easy way to reduce waste while saving on clean-up time. Plus, these items have become far more affordable in recent years!

Likewise, you can also buy recyclable printer paper, legal pads, folders, and binders. Make sure to provide large, well-placed, and clearly labeled bins for recyclable and compostable items, so employees know exactly where to put them when they’re done using them.

Refillable writing utensils

If every employee throws a pen, permanent marker, or dry erase marker in the garbage when the ink runs dry, that adds up to quite a bit of plastic in a landfill. With refillable writing utensils, you eliminate unnecessary plastic waste as well as the frustration of having to throw an otherwise perfectly good pen in the trash.

Buy in bulk

Buying certain items in bulk can be a great way to reduce waste. Particularly for the office kitchen, buying larger quantities of coffee creamer, sugar, salt, and pepper eliminates the need for the small single-serve packets and has the added benefit of saving money. Plus, you’ll help the planet by not needing to have refills shipped to you as often!

Cleaning products

Consider switching to natural eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaning products for your office. Natural cleaning products are better for the environment, are typically cruelty-free (meaning they are not tested on animals), and do not contain ingredients that can be harsh and irritating to the skin and senses.

Smart power strips

Even when certain devices are off but still plugged in, they draw small amounts of power — this is often referred to as “phantom power.” These devices do not necessarily draw a lot of power but, if you have dozens of computers, printers, copiers, and more plugged in all day every day, this additional electricity usage can certainly add up.

Smart power strips look and work similarly to a standard power strip, but they help reduce your power use by cutting off power when devices go into standby mode. You can also invest in power strips that have an easy on and off button, allowing you to shut down any devices attached quickly. Perfect for leaving the office at the end of the day!

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A few adjustments in your office supply purchasing can mean significant savings for your company and big points for incorporating sustainability. If you’d like to boost your office’s sustainability with these product swaps, contact the EZ Office Products team or request an account to browse our online store!