4 Easy Ways to Welcome New Employees to the OfficeMake your new hires feel at home with these tips!

You’ve gone through the interviews and have made an offer to the candidate, and your new employee is going to start soon — congratulations! Now, you’re ready to welcome them into your company and get them started.

But how can you show your appreciation and make them feel welcome on their first day, week, and month? Try out these suggestions from the EZOP team on how to welcome new employees to your business!

  1. Give them a tour and introduce them to the team
  2. Start the onboarding — and have a plan!
  3. Work closely with your new hire and get feedback
  4. Create time to bond

Keep reading to learn how you can implement these ideas in your workplace!

Give them a tour and introduce them to the team

It can be nerve-wracking to walk into a new job on the first day; your employee likely won’t know names or faces, the layout of the office, or even where their desk is! Make them feel more relaxed with a quick tour of the place. Show them to their desk, where the breakroom, bathrooms, and conference rooms are, and introduce them to the people they’ll be working closely with. Depending on the size of your company or office, you may want to have them shadow someone for a day to get a better lay of the land.

Being able to put names and faces together will help your new hire feel more relaxed and connected to your team, and it’ll help your current employees meet and give a warm welcome to their new colleague.

Start the onboarding — and have a plan!

Onboarding is never the most fun part of a new job, but it’s key to their long-term success. Having a set plan of action on the paperwork that needs to be completed, additional training that must be done, and setting up their computer, emails, and more is key. You may also want to include a few days of job shadowing within the office as part of the onboarding process for your new hire. This creates bonding within your team with the new member and also provides on-the-job training and learning for them.

Part of their onboarding process should be about where they fit into the organization, be that internally or externally with clients. Knowing why they’re there will help them feel more comfortable and confident in the role they play overall and will help you to welcome new employees consistently.

Work closely with your new hire and get feedback

There’s nothing scarier than being tossed into a new position and forgotten about! In the weeks and months after their hire date, make sure you’re still working closely with your new hire; check in with them and see what they like, where they think things could improve, ask if they have any questions or troubles, and listen to their feedback. It’s essential that the welcoming doesn’t stop after the first day or week!

You may also want to get feedback from the rest of your team or the people who work closely with this new hire. Working through minor issues now can save you time in the long run from needing to work through more significant issues or having to rehire for the position.

Create time to bond

Having great team energy is a big part of long-term success as a team! Make sure you’re welcoming to all members of your team now and in the future. Sometimes, external team events can create great memories and bonds that translate to the office environment. Planning a quick outing for lunch, visiting an escape room, or even volunteering together can create a welcoming environment for your new (and old) team members.

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