How Your Business Can Support Local Organizations

Take these steps to start giving back today!

If you’re considering taking a look at volunteering, donating, or otherwise helping to support local organizations in your community, congratulations! It’s an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling mission to have. You’ll be able to meet wonderful new people, gain a sense of community, and even make a difference in the world around you. 

You may have a lot of questions on how to find organizations to support, what kind of assistance they’re looking for, or clarity on who to contact at these local charities or nonprofits. 

Take a look at this guide for four ways your business can support local organizations in your community! 

Volunteer time as a business

One way you can positively impact the community is to volunteer your time and encourage team bonding within your small business by having your team help out, too! Clean up a small park and offer a picnic after, volunteer to sort items at a food pantry, or give time to animal shelters. This helps your team bond while also giving back locally. 

If your team finds an activity or charity they’re especially drawn to, consider partnering with them on a more formal level for continued support. Not only does it help to get your small business’s name out there, but it may inspire other businesses to give back to the community in other ways as well. 

Start a fundraising campaign 

If your business would like to donate monetarily to nonprofits or charities in your community, there are a few different ways to start that process. You can get in touch with the charity before you begin the process to see if they have any ideas or events in the works that you could partner with them on first, or you could create a campaign with them. Consider hosting a walk-a-thon, race, golf outing, or charity drive in your office. 

Donate resources from your business

If your small business has items that are needed by local charities or nonprofits, consider donating goods or services. Food, clothing, and furniture may come to mind as some popular or big-ticket items to donate, but consider services as well! Maybe a charity needs a new website, some flyers designed and printed, or even space to host an event. By giving them resources they wouldn’t ordinarily have access to (or even think to need!), you can help support local organizations in meaningful ways. 

Talk to the leadership team

If you’re still wanting to make a meaningful impact and help support local organizations, consider talking to the leadership team, executive board, or chairperson to find out what additional resources they need, what missions they have, or what events they want to host to raise awareness. Your team may enjoy the creative challenge of planning out the logistics of an event, brainstorming new and exciting ways to outreach into the community, or coming up with exciting new event plans and ideas to help your chosen nonprofit make a difference in the community. 

With these tips and tricks, you’ll help to make your small business a leader in the community and help to give back to your local environment. Work with your team to decide which actions fit with your mission, and have fun helping to support local organizations!

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