4 Impactful Ideas for Holiday Office Parties

Make a difference with your holiday gathering this year!

When it comes to the holiday season, most organizations look forward to a party or gathering of some sort where their team can connect, relax, and celebrate their achievements over the past year.

But what if that celebration could also help give back to your community?

At EZ Office Products, we’re passionate about giving back to our local community and helping the organizations we work with do the same. That’s why we’re sharing these impactful ideas for holiday office parties, just in time for the holiday season.

Some ways you can gather with your team and give back this season include:

  1. Hosting a food or gift drive
  2. Take time off of work to volunteer
  3. Collaborate with a local non-profit
  4. Adopt a family or charity

Keep reading to learn more about these festive ideas that can help out your community!


Hosting a food or gift drive

One of the most popular and impactful ideas for holiday office parties is to combine your celebration with a food, gift, or clothing drive! Encourage your attendees to bring non-perishable food items, gifts for local kids, or warm clothes that your company can then donate to a local charity or contribute to a larger drive. This is a fairly easy idea to pull off, and allows everyone to contribute while still hosting your typical holiday celebration!


Take time off of work to volunteer

Another great way to celebrate the season and bond as a team is by volunteering together. This could take place during the time when you’d normally host your holiday party, or you could earn some extra points with your employees by giving them time off of work to volunteer as a group.

You can also meet with your team to choose a place to volunteer where they’d all be able to participate and contribute to a cause that matters to them. Ideas include volunteering at a food bank, soup kitchen, animal shelter, gift drive, senior living facility, and more. If you have a large organization, consider splitting up into groups and spending the time spreading some joy across your community!


Collaborate with a local non-profit

Did you know there are ways you can support your community just by hosting your regular holiday party? Do some research into local organizations that you can work with to plan your parties, such as having the food catered by a local culinary education program or hiring musicians from a local youth music education group. This is a chance to not just support your community but plan a fantastic celebration!


Adopt a family or charity

If you have a smaller organization, consider working with a local non-profit organization to “adopt” a family or charitable cause this season. You and your employees can work together to purchase gifts or a holiday meal for the family or visit the organization a few times throughout the season to help out. This idea is great for bringing employees together and really make a difference In your community!

At EZ Office Products, we offer everything you need to host a fantastic holiday celebration and bring these impactful ideas for holiday office parties to life. Contact our team with any questions you have, or request an online account or log in to browse our store today!