5 Group Volunteer Ideas Your Company Can Try This Holiday SeasonHelp your team give back with these volunteering ideas.

When it comes to the holiday season, most organizations look forward to some well-earned time off to give their employees a chance to relax, recharge, and celebrate their achievements over the past year. But, as the season of giving, it’s also important to give back to your community whenever you can!

If you’re looking for a list of group volunteer ideas to implement as an organization, check out the list below.

Not only is this list a great way to be more active in your community, but it may spark more philanthropy or charitable events for your employees individually and other initiatives as a company!

Let’s take a look at some excellent group volunteer ideas for your business:

  1. Hosting a food or gift drive
  2. Clean a local public place
  3. Volunteer at a food pantry or soup kitchen
  4. Hold a virtual meet-and-greet for local small businesses
  5. Create content for a non-profit

Keep reading to learn more about these great group volunteer ideas!


Hosting a food or gift drive

A classic team activity to give back is to host a food or gift drive. It’s a great idea since there is little planning that needs to be done to set it up! Your team simply decides what food or item to give to a local non-profit and sets up a collection bin in a common area. Once you’ve hit your goal or time limit, you can drop off the goodies to the charity of your choice. It’s a great way to have your employees come together to work toward a common goal (or you can add some competitive fun by dividing into teams and seeing who can bring in the most donations!).


Clean a local public place

Maybe there’s a children’s park near your office that could use some weeding, a roadside that needs a cleanup, or an outdoor music venue in your community that could use a coat of paint. Whatever it is, offer to help with a solution! Working together as a team will make the project complete in no time, and it provides a great way to bond and give back to the community simultaneously.

This activity can also inspire change beyond just your organization. Offer to tag-team a larger project with another local business to make your group volunteer ideas that much more impactful!


Volunteer at a food pantry or a soup kitchen

Volunteering at a food center, be that a pantry or soup kitchen, can provide first-hand interaction with those in need. It can be such a rewarding experience to help those in your community who need assistance directly, and offers a great bonding activity for your employees and between you and your community.


Hold a virtual meet-and-greet for local small businesses

This one is a bit different from the rest of the group volunteering ideas, but it works towards the same goal. When you connect with other small businesses, you open doors for additional ways to give back. You might connect with another small business you’d like to partner with (or compete in a food or gift drive!) or forge new connections that have mentoring options for youth in your community.


Create content for a non-profit

If you enjoy writing or would prefer not to have in-person interaction, this is for you! You can work with a non-profit or charity and donate your time or writing expertise.

Perhaps you’re a graphic designer; you could help design a new brochure or website page for a local non-profit organization! If you enjoy writing, offer to create some social posts or blog content for a group. You’d be surprised at how much this can bring your team together, especially if they’re still virtual. Have them collaborate on a few different projects to help a local non-profit shine!

This is a great starter list of easy group volunteer ideas for your office, but there are many more. Check out what options are in your community, and if you need more hints, keep reading the EZ Office Products blog!

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