Tips for Upgrading Office Furniture

Look out for these signs that your office furniture could use a refresh.

Upgrading office furniture is essential to making your workspace conducive to productive work.

As a business owner, your days are busy. With looming deadlines, countless projects, team meetings, and customer interactions, it can be easy to overlook the condition of your office furniture.

However, the quality and comfort of your office furniture are a big deal! Studies suggest that employees are more productive with updated office furniture and a refreshed layout of their workspaces.

Not sure if you’re due for a furniture refresh or where you should start? Check out these tips for upgrading office furniture and knowing when to start shopping:

  1. Your office feels cramped
  2. Your furniture looks outdated
  3. Visible wear and tear
  4. If you’re on the move
  5. Employee concerns

Read on for some signs that it may be time for an upgrade to your office furniture.

Your office feels cramped

Having a cramped workspace is a slippery slope to having a cramped mind. When you sit at your desk, do you feel like your space is being maximized? If you have to move a coat rack to close the door or you can’t scoot your chair out without hitting the wall behind you, that’s your sign to look into more appropriately sized furniture.

The furniture in your office may have been originally intended for a different space entirely, and smaller, more ergonomic furniture may be suited to your space. Creating a more open, comfortable workspace doesn’t just mean investing in new furniture — it means working with a team like EZ Office Products on space planning to make sure your new furniture is arranged in the best way possible!

Your furniture looks outdated

There are some telltale signs of an office that hasn’t kept up with the times – faded vinyl chairs, the smell of stale coffee that clings to tweed swivel chairs, and even the sight of a fax machine can make employees feel like they’ve traveled back in time a few decades.

We suggest starting off your furniture upgrade with some research into current office furniture trends and asking your team what styles they’d like to see in your space. Our team is also happy to help you select pieces that are timeless and sure to help your workspace look its best for years to come.

Visible wear and tear

This is probably the biggest and most important indicator that your organization should invest in new office furniture. If the stuffing is popping out of your chairs and couches, or you have wobbly desks and shelving units, it’s definitely time for an upgrade. This is especially true if you hope to communicate a professional or high-end brand or image to your clients.

If you’re on the move

If your business is renovating or moving to another office space, this is an excellent opportunity to refresh your office furniture. Moving furniture or putting it in storage during construction can be costly, so consider selling or donating your existing office furniture and purchasing new furniture for your new space. Your previous furniture can get a new home, and your team can get updated pieces that fit your new space and help them do their best work.

Employee concerns 

If your employees give you feedback about uncomfortable chairs or desk drawers constantly getting jammed, you should consider looking into ergonomic furniture, which is specifically designed for efficiency and comfort in the work environment. Keep employees involved in this process, from selecting the styles to sharing how to use each piece’s ergonomic features so they feel like their voices are heard.

Just as you update your company’s website and marketing materials from time to time, you should also make updates to your physical office space that will best suit your needs and convey the right message to clients.

Contact the EZ Office Products team with any furniture upgrade questions, or request an account to browse our online store!