Which Office Supplies Have Been Impacted by the Supply Chain Shortages of 2022

Learn what to stock up on for returning to the office and what might be hard to find due to supply chain shortages.

Supply chain shortages in 2022 have delayed the delivery of some key office supplies.

From aluminum and plastics to groceries and textiles, nearly every industry is experiencing issues with supply chain shortages related to the pandemic. Unfortunately, office products and furniture are no exception.


As more employees return to in-person work or shift to hybrid schedules, there will inevitably be more demand for office essentials like pens, printer paper, and toilet paper — just to name a few. Here are some of the most in-demand office supplies of 2022 and what your company might consider stocking up on when possible to avoid supply chain shortages.



For most organizations, g are the days of exclusively communicating over email, video calls, and instant messaging. As we interact face-to-face with our colleagues and clients, people want to have materials in hand for pitch meetings and catch-up sessions. The best way to stay organized is with 3-ring binders.


The supply chain shortage has most heavily affected raw materials, like plastics, that are essential for making many kinds of binders. One way around this is to utilize binders made from recycled materials. EZOP offers binders in a number of different styles and materials in our online store.


Cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies have always been an office staple, but now more than ever, businesses need to be vigilant about preventing the spread of illness and germs. EZOP carries a variety of janitorial and cleaning supplies, including hand sanitizer and air purifiers, that can help keep your workspace clean and healthy throughout 2022 and beyond as you’re returning to the office.


Office furniture

The price of lumber has gone up and down dramatically over the last two years based on demand, making it an incredibly challenging and unpredictable time for lumber buyers and, by extension, furniture manufacturers. If you’re in the market for new office furniture, expect some delays depending on the type of furniture you’re ordering and its materials. In addition, demand has gone up with more people returning to the office and looking to refresh their workspaces.


Bathroom supplies

Here again, the price of lumber impacts the supply of toilet paper. Now, the shortage is not nearly as dire as early on in the pandemic, but it’s still something to be mindful of as you order bathroom essentials for your office.



Many companies have instituted some form of hybrid working that allows employees to work remotely a few days a week and in the office for the remainder of the week. Most newer laptops have webcams, but many desktop computers don’t and will need to be outfitted with a webcam for video meetings if you plan to offer a hybrid schedule or meet with clients and vendors virtually for the foreseeable future. Again, demand increases have contributed to supply chain shortages of this item.


Breakroom supplies

Napkins, coffee filters, plates (reusable or disposable), garbage bags and paper towels — the list of necessary everyday breakroom items can feel endless. And unfortunately, these must-have supplies have also fallen prey to the supply chain shortages of 2022. At EZ Office Products, we can help recommend products that best fit your organization’s needs and let you know what products are available and which are facing shipping delays. 


Our best advice is to order supplies well in advance when you can, and work with an expert team like the one at EZ Office Products that can help you get what you need fast when you have a supplies emergency.


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