Where to Donate Office Supplies and Equipment

Give your gently-used office supplies a new home with these deserving organizations and local resources.

Find out where to donate office supplies and other workplace equipment in Wisconsin.

In honor of “Give Something Away Day,” we’re highlighting the many deserving organizations and local resources that can take your gently-used and unneeded office supplies! Instead of throwing away supplies you no longer have use for, consider making it your company’s goal to donate whatever you can to give back to the community and help cut down on the amount of items you throw away.

In this blog post, we’ll share where to donate office supplies and equipment in our local Wisconsin communities.

  • Goodwill SCWI
  • Goodman Community Center
  • The Urban League of Greater Madison
  • Social Justice Center
  • Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools
  • Donation Town

Keep reading to learn more about each of these places you can donate unwanted or unused office materials.

Goodwill South Central Wisconsin

Our local Goodwill network (and Goodwill locations in other areas and states!) accepts donations of office furniture, books, and working and and nonworking computer equipment. Learn more about donating and find the location nearest to you here.

Goodman Community Center

Donations of office and craft supplies, equipment, and furniture are always appreciated at the Goodman Community Center. These items can help their efforts in early age education, afterschool programs, and more.

The Urban League of Greater Madison

The Urban League of Greater Madison is particularly looking for donations of office paper, general office supplies, cleaning supplies, and other miscellaneous office items. This wonderful organization provides resources for job searching, youth education, volunteer programs, and other community initiatives

Social Justice Center

The SJC serves as a space for other nonprofits and community members to come together to access resources, support, and other services they need.  The SJC accepts donations of office supplies, printer paper, computer monitors and computer accessories, and electrical supplies on a case-by-case basis, so if you wish to donate to this Madison-based charity, you’ll want to check in with them first.

Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools

This local charity foundation is all about supporting children’s educational opportunities in Madison area public schools. High-demand items for donations include whiteboards, calculators, USB drives, art supplies, pencil cases, and more.

Donation Town

To locate other places where you can donate office supplies and equipment in Wisconsin and beyond, you can rely on other online resources like Donation Town. This website allows you to search by zip code to find donation centers closest to you.

These outstanding local and national organizations could use your office supply donations! Next time your business wants to reduce clutter and get rid of unwanted or unused supplies and equipment, refer to this list for many options on where to donate them.

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