Guide to Buying Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products in Madison, WisconsinDiscover a more environmentally friendly way to clean your workspace.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s clear that every office needs to have a thorough cleaning and sanitation protocol to limit the spread of germs. But often, a lot of these cleaning products can have harmful chemicals to the environment. If you’re looking for local, eco-friendly cleaning products in Madison, Wisconsin, keep reading!


Swap out cleaning products for an eco-friendly version

It’s so easy to take a quick inventory of your current cleaning products and see if there are eco-friendly substitutes. Check out the EZ Office Products shopping site for all of our eco-friendly cleaning products in Madison, Wisconsin — we have a lot of options! You can even search by the category “eco-friendly products” to narrow down your choices.


Talk with your team

Getting feedback is vital in all aspects of your business, and this is no different! Talk with your janitors, your in-office workers, and even reach out to other eco-friendly local businesses to see what their thoughts, opinions, and feedback are. Hearing what products have been favorites and which ones work the best can be helpful in starting your own inventory of eco-friendly cleaning supplies for your business.


Shop local

Shopping local for your eco-friendly cleaning products in Madison, Wisconsin, can also have an impact on the environment! When you buy local, your products won’t have to be shipped across the country and will reduce the amount of carbon emissions created from your order. You can reduce your carbon footprint by shopping close to your business.


Shopping through EZOP can be the solution for your business! We’re local, committed to being environmentally friendly, and ready to help answer any questions you may have about your cleaning products. Contact us today to get started!