7 Tips for Working Remotely Amid COVID-19

Use these helpful hints for working away from the office. Use these tips for working remotely amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

You’ve suddenly found yourself working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Are you learning to adjust to your new routine? Perhaps some helpful advice about how to work from home productively and efficiently might be useful. In this blog, we’ll cover simple tips for working remotely amid COVID-19, including:

  1. Replicate your office environment
  2. Stick to your routine
  3. Update your email signature, modify your cell phone voice greeting, and answer your phone professionally
  4. Stay connected with your team and check in frequently
  5. Protect yourself from online scams
  6. Dress for success during video calls and virtual meetings
  7. Take breaks throughout the day to refresh

Learn more about each of these helpful hints for remote work during the COVID-19 crisis below.

Replicate your office environment

Think about your workspace at the office. What did it look like? How was it set up? What were the top ten or twenty office supplies that you used every day? It may help you to replicate the same environment in your personal work-from-home space as best as possible. If you are used to working from two monitors, for example, do the same at home. If you usually listen to a particular music station while you work, turn it on at home. These seemingly small changes help you work at the same efficient and focused pace you did while you were at the office.

Stick to your routine

Most people thrive with routines because they are familiar and comforting – and let’s face it; we could all use a bit of familiarity and comfort right about now. As you work remotely, try sticking to a similar schedule you had in the office to help you manage workload and ease stress. For instance, if you usually eat lunch at 11:30, take your lunch break at home at the same time. If you like to structure your day around productivity principles for time management, keep it up. And if you’re used to having a team check-in on certain days, keep those meetings on the calendar. Maintaining your routine can also help your team cultivate a sense of normalcy to ensure everyone remains connected and on track.

Update your email signature, modify your cell phone voice greeting, and answer your phone professionally

Another few tips for working remotely during this time is to update your email signature and your cell phone voicemail greeting. Consider adding a line in your email signature about working remotely and the best way to reach you during this time. Now that you’ll likely be using your cell phone for both personal and business purposes, you may also want to change the greeting to include both your business’s name, as well as your first and last name. Above all, answer your phone as you would at work with something like “Your company name, this is [first name].”

Check out our guide to email signature etiquette from our blog.

Stay connected with your team and check in frequently

While it may not be as easy to communicate with your coworkers as it was when you could hop over to the next office, technology has made it doable. Email, Slack, Skype, and other messaging platforms can instantly connect you with your colleagues throughout the day.

Protect yourself from online scams

While your office computer may have cybersecurity measures in place, your home computer may not. Protect your – and your company’s – data from hackers by ensuring that you have malware and firewall security installed. Experts warn that coronavirus-themed phishing emails are emerging, so be particularly wary of emails from unknown senders.

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Dress for success during video calls and virtual meetings

Beware of your outfit choices on days when you have video meetings. Even though you may be wearing sweats or pajamas on most work-from-home days, it’s important in many industries to maintain a professional appearance in virtual communications. Choose a work-appropriate outfit for a video call – at least from the waist up – and treat it just as you would any in-person meeting.

Take breaks throughout the day to refresh

Some people may find it hard to separate work from family responsibilities when they occur under the same roof. However, taking mini-breaks throughout the day can help ensure you are putting your best energy forward to conquer your workload. If possible, take a walk in your neighborhood park or spend some time on your patio or balcony to breathe and reset.

These seven tips can help you work remotely amid the COVID-19 pandemic. For more tips and tricks for the workplace, continue to our blog.

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