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10 Signs You’re a Wisconsin Football Fanatic

By admin | Sep 12, 2016
When it comes to sports, football is the most popular amongst Wisconsinites.…
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Benefits of Having a Dual Monitor Workstation

By admin | Jul 22, 2016
Delivering your employees the proper tools to succeed is critical in improving…
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Sustainability & The EZOP Eco-Culture

By admin | Apr 11, 2016
If you do not already know, I am passionate about the environment.…
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11 Tips to Spring Clean Your Office

By admin | Mar 22, 2016
Spring Cleaning doesn’t have to be tough. Follow our tips to make…
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Standing & Adjustable Height Workstations

By admin | Feb 18, 2016
Trying to be healthy in the office can be challenging sometimes. You…
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Infographic: What to Look for in a New Office Chair

By admin | Feb 16, 2016
Shopping for a new office chair doesn’t have to be a tough…
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Rosie’s World: Nurturing the Entrepreneurial Spirit, One Jedi at a Time

By admin | Sep 11, 2015
“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda, Jedi Master. I…
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Step into Rosie’s World

By admin | Sep 3, 2015
Get to know EZ Office Products owner, Rose Molz, in this Rosie’s…
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18 Signs You’re From Wisconsin

By admin | Nov 15, 2014
Wisconsin is one of the most diverse and breathtaking states. Surrounded by…
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Order Office Supplies Once Per Week

By admin | Sep 17, 2014
By ordering office supplies once per week, you’ll deal with fewer interruptions…
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